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A Dawson is someone who can make you fall in love with just a slight smirk and a sideways glance. Nothing can describe how beautiful his sparkling blue eyes and golden brownish blonde hair shimmers in the sunlight and how his cute little smile could quite literally cure cancer. A Dawson is someone who knows how to use his looks to his advantage, he'll never admit it, but he thinks he's model-status, and most of the time he is. But he can also be kind of a douche bag, but nonetheless, he's one of the best people you will ever lay your eyes on or meet.
Person: hey! Did you see that cute guy walking by?
Other Person: Yeah! He must be a Dawson!
by Wizzoward February 14, 2019
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Dawson is the most beautiful girl in the whole wide girl. She has the biggest heart and is the kindest human you will ever meet. Everything about her is perfect, her laugh, her smile, her voice, her personality, her body, you name it, it's perfect. She is the type of person that you would jump infront of a bullet for. Her uniqueness is one of a kind and whoever gets the chance to have her as his is definitely the luckiest boy to live.
Guy 1 "Why is that girl so beautiful and perfect?"

Guy 2 "Because that's Dawson"
by Your uncle... July 4, 2022
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Dawson's are very sweet and loving when you date them. But if you have dated a Dawson, and you both still like each other and don't admit it, Dawson will drive you crazy. He is a wrestler, has brown hair and brown eyes, and an unmistakably cute birthmark that makes him unique. He will hold you tight in every way and he will love you with all of his heart. Never let a Dawson go, if you do, you'll regret it for quite a while.
"Hey is that Dawson?"

"Yeah, I'm in love with him, he make me smile and laugh and is everything I ever wanted."

"Well he sounds amazing!"

"He is. I will never let him go."

"That's good."
by I'm in love with Dawson September 28, 2015
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A Dawson is everything I could ever want in a guy. Yeah he might cure and tease me but I know he doesn’t me it in a mean way. He is literally perfect and funny and tall. He has blond hair and blue eyes. If you find one, never let him go..
by Creeper_Crusher December 4, 2018
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Friend: Stop being such a Dawson! We’re at Olive Garden!
by Feels1 November 5, 2018
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