Usually a guy who lies all the fucking time. He'll screw up a relationship with the girl of his dreams for some hoe. Then he realizes that he messed up and tries to get his girl back, only to hurt her again. He thinks he's cool and sexy but really isn't. He's addicted to monsters and does all the dumb shit like weed. But he can be really sweet sometimes and gives great hugs. He'll make the worst mistakes and follows whatever his friends say. Sucks at skateboarding. Says he has a huge dick but really doesn't. Draws amazingly good. Is very emotional at times, usually uses anger. A good friend, and refers to hot girls as his "bestfriend" Usually a big manwhore but when he meets a special girl he will somewhat stay faithful for a while but then hurts the poor girl.
Girl 1: Man, I can't get over Dawson..
Girl 2: Well you need to cause he left you for some hoe! He obviously doesn't realize what he just threw away.
by Fatboi355 May 12, 2011
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Dawson is a guy who is funny and short, but most of the time he seems pissed off and likes to give orders to people.
Boy: “Did you just see Dawson?”
Girl: “Yeah, he seems a bit pissed off today.”
Boy: “Well, yeah that’s normal for him.”
by tkdmasterright September 20, 2018
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the type of person you want to be friends with. he’s the guy every girl wants as a bestfriend. but beware, he is quick to choose a promiscuous mentally disturbed girl over his best friend. he will leave you in a heartbeat because he found someone he can use for sex. he’s very cute, but he talks up like he’s all big and brave; however, when it comes down to it he’ll leave yo self on the curb for someone “better”
victim: hey did you hear about Dawson and i?

her: yeah, he freaking cheated on his best friend for that skanky hoe
by unknowncountrygirl February 22, 2019
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Someone who is unnaturally gifted at playing the field. In fact, it is very rare to catch him not doing this. There are so many ladies he flirts with it's hard to keep track, but he always seems to show a special liking to Iris. It seems the two are just meant to be.
Dawwwwwssooooonnn!!!!!! Playing the fieldddddd!!!!!

Dawson, working on your math homework?
by Yeeeeeeeeeet37 February 20, 2019
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He has no dad
Dawson’s dad went to buy milk and never came back. He has no dad
by Dawson is a gay boy December 3, 2019
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The best looking guy you will ever meet not the smartest but the funniest person alive will alot of talent
by Gsgdydvxtz12 April 12, 2019
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v. to consume alot of alcohol and jizz your pants while grinding with someone at a party or social event
Guy 1: dude why'd u stop grinding with her she was hot?

Guy 2: i dont know she just stopped and slapped me

Guy 1: (examining guy1's pants) Holy shit dude did you dawson?
by mtpirko December 28, 2010
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