The past tense for the verb, "Dawg," meaning to own or win. This word is often used when a competition is unfair.
Bro 1: Dude did you hear about Osama being found?
Bro 2: Yea bro, he got dawged.

Perry, you just got dawged!
by Dawgedbymitch August 8, 2011
Can be a question, a reaction or a confirmation. Originated in Boston, Ma(Colombia Point)
For example, i wasn’t with her last night i was at the crib last night on dawgs.
by Salemme April 6, 2018
Shawna and/or Beth is my dawg or Whats up dawg
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
Dawg (da-og) to describe a friend.
Me and my dawg just smashed your turtle
by Kwillitzer June 16, 2017
Another term to call your friends and to just mix things up a bit
Friend: ayeeee are you going to pay for the food?
Me: nah “dawg
by ☭✯ ✞☭ September 15, 2019
Of African Origination. Black peoples Version of dude
--Wassup dawg?

--Nuthin Much, jus' chillin wit my niggaz
by Mavryk M July 24, 2004