If u see a Davion he may be an angel, he may act different and think different than all other beings on Earth. He will ask many religious questions to people, mostly close friends and watches you to keep u safe. A Davion may look non threatening but he can destroy you easily. If you hit a Davion in his back he may feel pain worser than all others because the back is where his wings were earlier. EVERY piece of advice he gives you is good advice nearly all the time. He is charming and many girls like him but are afraid to admit. Davion is a Angel.
Davion loves everyone on Earth
by Houfv October 20, 2019
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The funniest person you will ever meet he's goffy at all times he will make you happy when u sad
by Msbabby March 13, 2017
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He is a fun boy, he is a mama’s boy, he will grow up to love fighting, he has a lot a sisters and will fight them when ever he gets the chance, he loves to train, and he loves video games
Davion is one lucky spoiled boy!
by Malinda jacobs March 9, 2019
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A cute ass nigga fine asf He is the sexiest nicca on earth.
Damn the new kid davion fine what’s his number
by Venice manzzz February 12, 2019
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Davion a sexy nigga with a really big dick. Wish I could suck him hard sometimes. He's sweet, loving, sexy AF, and can pull off with your girl. The kid is under 18 but will still take you milf mom. He play games all day and night and dbeats his meat to Roblox hentai.
Wow, I have a Davion type dick!
by Ørigins September 16, 2018
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Davion is a really down to earth person.He gives great advice,is always there for others,is really kind and sweet.He might be all these things but Davion is known to be a "player".Davion actually would never want that upon a female so if you see him being a "player its because he's been hurt by a loved one or has lost something important to him.Hes really a great guy and very happy too.
Man I Wished Davion Never Did Me Wrong When We Were Dating Because I Really Miss Him.
by Theawsomeguy452 June 15, 2018
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A very sweet and loving person that can be moody when tested. Handsome and Athletic
Oooh look at Davion, I want his phone number
by Mamacitakw October 4, 2011
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