David Dobrick AKA the cure of cancer, the cure of depression THE CURE FOR EVERYTHING
i need some David Dobrik in my life.
by A_SmartGuy March 7, 2018
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To be harmed for the amusement of someone who has no care for your wellbeing

(Regardless of profits being made; If someone harms you for their amusement that's being David Dobriked)
His whole friend group left him because they realized he David Dobriked them the entire time. I'm so glad they got free from that toxic relationship.
by Poseidon'sthickwave April 24, 2021
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A self-absorbed dick head who almost got his friend killed for a 4-minute vlog then goes out of his way to flex his money. Don't be like David Dobrik.
Liam: Mommy, I wanna be like David Dobrik when I'm older!
Mom; I should've stuck to Plan B.
by chloewasheree April 22, 2021
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An asshole who's actually really entertaining. He used to be a viner in 2013 but due to vine dying he became a little bitch on youtube. He built a whole empire out of being a dick to all his friends by putting spiders and other shit on them as they're blindfolded. All his videos are 4:20 seconds long because he's a hardcore stoner.
You: Wow that David Dobrik sure is a dick!
Me: Yeah but his videos are perfect for my ADD.
by VR.amos September 1, 2017
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Funniest YouTuber in the whole world
Someone: Who is your fav youtuber?

Me: David Dobrik, duh *flips hair*
by Shaneisaqueen February 19, 2019
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