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The politics of a man with a brain and not a gay obsession with American Nationalism.

Pro abortion
Pro- gay rights
Not obsessed with fairytale books like the bible
Not willing to allow old people to die as they are unable to afford to heat their homes just to promote capitalism
They do not want to arm everyone with guns

Now obviously some liberals go too far and this is what gives them and a bad name and associates them with being a "liberal hippie douche". and promote disgusting policies such as affirmative action (Giving non-whites more rights than whites in essence). And some of them are far too anti-war. But generally they have the correct policies.
by Propane_Nightmares December 03, 2010
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A liar who pretends to support central-right politics then suddenly declares his support for alcohol minimum pricing. He has now increased tuition fees in england despite students (after graduating) earn far more income in the long run therefore paying more tax and contributing more to the state. Now he has put hundreds of thousands of people out of work with his budget cuts and put them on benefits. Then he has declared he will not accept people not having jobs!

However too many british people (instead of arguing logically agains him) just declare him "posh" and "a snob"
Idiot- David cameron's a snob!

Normal person- I disagree with his policies but how is calling him immature names going to help.
by Propane_Nightmares December 03, 2010
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Typical sellout, in his old days he was a cool electro/house music artist who released cool tracks like "The Girls", "Blue" and "Acceptable in the 80s". Now he's a pop star who releases chart music for kids and people who like pop music. He just releases tracks now where he provides some average bet for some horrible rapper like Tinie Tempah to rap over or for some chart singer to sing over. The fact more people like him now does NOT make him a better music artist.
Chart music fan: "Dude have you heard the new Calvin Harris song?"

House music fan: "Yeah I hated it, I miss the days when he used to be good."

Chart music fan: "Oh well, I love house music, artists like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and Avicci"

House music fan: (Shakes his head and walks off with his earphones on listening to The Chemical Brothers)
by Propane_Nightmares May 27, 2014
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Basicly a person with no life, so they decide to try and fill the gap of having no life by working ALL THE TIME. This generally does not work and people who turn into workaholics are usually unmarried over-ambitious women and over-ambitious men
An example of a workaholic is someone staying in the workplace after their designated shift despite not having anything important to do.
by Propane_Nightmares December 03, 2010
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