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Synonymous with the phrase 'despicable cunts'.
Responsible for acid-rain, acid-rivers and stealing of conflict materials, as well as murder, rape, pillaging and displacement, both directly and by proxy.
Steve: How can I be the worst possible person, and keep a clean conscience?

John: Change your name to Glencore!
by TheBrownAvenger May 23, 2012
When a man is performing sexual intercourse with a woman doggy style, the man spits on the woman's back in order to trick her into think he has ejaculated. When the woman turns around to check, the man quickly ejaculates on her face whilst throwing a handful of pubes at her.
Jane: Why does Mandy have pubes stuck to her face?
Steve: Jim found out she was cheating on him last night, so he decided to give her a bit of Guerilla Warfare
by TheBrownAvenger December 18, 2011
A giant blue-blooded lizard from the Palaeolithic era that roams the United Kingdom.
British Man: Holy fuck, what's Godzilla doing HERE!?!
Another British Man: That's no Godzilla, that's a DAVID CAMERON!!!!
by TheBrownAvenger January 1, 2012