Has an absolutely Huge cock, is popular with everyone and he gets all of the women. He is much sexier and more awesome than any James, Ollie, Sam, Zack, Angus, George, Tom or Max that you may know or have heard of. He is amazing in bed and knows how to treat a lady, by absolutey smashin her. but in a peaceful and respectable way.
Holy shit, that guy reminds me of Lawrence George Davey, you know, the guy who fucks every single girl on earth, in on night, on christmas, respectably and still manages to be best mates with their girl friends afterwards.
by Sid McSiddington January 8, 2012
A Davey is when you win a game of fortnite with 0 kills and boasts about winning to friends and teams truly useless
I just got a davey boys

Your fucking useless cunt you got 0 kills and you didn’t help the whole game
by BHASE May 10, 2018
Shut up you're lying. No one's been named Davey since the 1600's in Great Britain. Do you have a little blond pony tail and a hat with a feather? Unbelievable.
"Hey my name's Davey"
"Hi my name's Duke Archibald Fletchers on the 3rd!"
"No of course not I was mocking you"
by PenisFunnyWord October 4, 2021
A female with a huge personality, commonly very gorgeous and very generous. Loves to make you happy and is upmost one of the most understanding people. Works very hard and makes sure she is happy before anyone else. INDEPENDENT
Damn that girl is so Davey
by Neco6925 December 5, 2021
Meh.... 'Still...Not...Bitten','Kenny... Is that you?...','Do you prefer Shitbird?..','Sweet pea..' and many more quotes that you know.. Your a fellow fan and a good person to talk to, not known you long but you put a smile on my face and make me laugh a lot! Your a good friend.
Is that Davey? Isnt he obsessed with the walking dead..?
by I._.Dont._.Know November 5, 2018
A man's asshole after he was penetrated by two men at the same time.
Hey guys, Chuck and Steve just gave Brian a Broad Davey! I bet I could get my whole fist in there!
by freeThetruth June 19, 2021