A man's asshole after he was penetrated by two men at the same time.
Hey guys, Chuck and Steve just gave Brian a Broad Davey! I bet I could get my whole fist in there!
by freeThetruth June 19, 2021
A custer or lame on my block Ive never seen before.
Who tf is that crack head over there!” “Idk he must be from davey lane”
by Travypattyyy September 5, 2022
A couple who loves each other very much and want to have a exotic sexual relationship.its a black guy with black hair and a white woman with blonde hair. It is a kind of love everyone wants.
I wish I had a davey and zoe
by dsquiggles October 20, 2009
A certified Harley Davidson cranker and a jeep bro. Must drive a big rig with a mohawk and big earrings. Absolutely irresistible to the ladies. Will be the funniest guy at the club. He's a very mildly adequate at wheelies. Smart guy, very easy on the eyes.
Dude Davey Haseley took my grandma on a date last night he's the best!
by Dot450 November 8, 2022