Only the most talented singer on the face of the planet. Singer for AFI, totally awesome hairdo. Soooooo cute.
That is one cute and talented guy, it must be Davey Havoc
by Davey Havoc Lover November 4, 2007
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a. Ruggedly good looking with a witty sense of humour.

b. Considered to be anti-establishment with a bad boy rating of 6 on the bacon-fritzl scale.
That bloke is such a bad boy... so tom davey
by tomdavey June 26, 2011
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a very hairy vaginal area,where the bush continues around the vagina onto the anus and surrounding areas,thus leaving a giant,Davey Crockett hat.
Any questions???
I bet courtney cox has a big davey crockett hat.
some German girls have very nice davey crockett hats
by seacadi67 October 3, 2009
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A form of masturbation! The Davey special, is were the palm of the hand is placed in a flat position rather than the more poppular and commonly used clasped postion. When the palm is flat, the male using the Dvey Special will rub the shafy of their penis in a circular motion. continue untill fully erect when fully erect, place the flat palm on to the top of the penis (the head) and continue with the a circular motion untill reaching orasm. The Davey Special is often used in conjunction with sun cream, the sun cream is a popular lubricant for this form of masturbation as the smoothing texture allows a nice vaginal like feeling to the circular motions of the flat palm. The Davey Special is popular amongst fat people as it has less physical exerscion than the more common wrist movement wank.
Person 1- I need a wank
Person 2- Have a go at the Davey Special its great
Person 1- The famous Davey Special?
person 2- Yer thats right its beter than the carey claw and that takes some beating!
Person 1- Wow sounds great i will give it a go
Person 2- Remember plenty of sun cream and keep it circular.
by Dovid Taylor November 18, 2007
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Phoney: Dave, why does your name tag say “Big Dick Davey?”

Dave: Sportsy gave it to me. What, you think I’d let a precious gift from my old sport go to waste?
by Toy Freddy is the best boi January 8, 2021
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What's six foot six inches tall, an utter legend and is called Dave Weavis? The answer: Dave Weavis! He is a respectable but powerful warrior that fights evil along with Harry Adderley, Big SMC, Allah Marchant, The Woman and Stevie Crow. Is most famous for slaying the great dragon Bazzohater and saving Bazzo.
"I love you Davey Weavis!"
"Davey Weavis, I want your babies!"
"Get naked, Davey Weavis!"
by Marfew March 16, 2007
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