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I don't know how to say this, word aren't enough.. She's such an amazing friend. She looks out for others. She's a bright girl with a unique name, Make fun of her amazing name, your just jealous she has a better name, personality and looks. Never underestimate her. She can act all shy but never mess with her, She's gets very aggressive but she always has a good laugh.. Texas is a very dramatic person, be we all love her. Texas is a extremely gorgeous person! She doesn't trust people that easy. Texas always has that one friend who turns there back on her, but she can do better than that! What Texas doesn't realise is that she has all the boys chasing her.!
Omg is that Texas she's so gorgeous!
by I._.Dont._.Know November 5, 2018
Is that Davey Shark?
by I._.Dont._.Know November 18, 2018
Meh.... 'Still...Not...Bitten','Kenny... Is that you?...','Do you prefer Shitbird?..','Sweet pea..' and many more quotes that you know.. Your a fellow fan and a good person to talk to, not known you long but you put a smile on my face and make me laugh a lot! Your a good friend.
Is that Davey? Isnt he obsessed with the walking dead..?
by I._.Dont._.Know November 5, 2018
Grace is a good friend, She puts others before herself most of the time. She has a few small groups of friends. She gets awkward a lot and blushes. She doesn't like being alone. She is very musical and talented. Never get on the wrong side of her, She can be quite dark but doesn't show it often. She can be sweet but sour. She has been through a lot, Has many scars, but does a good job of hiding them. She is good at keeping secrets. She accepts compliments but doesn't always agree with them. Can be very self conscious. She loves Starbucks. She is very artistic. She is very sensitive and suffers with anxiety. She can come across rude and selfish but that's if you don't know her. She has lots of friends but doesn't realise it. She over thinks things but is always down for a good laugh. She loves to be active, She loves swimming and outdoors. Her closest friends think they know everything about her but they don't. She isn't the most organised person. She always looks out for others but sometimes needs someone to look out for her. She doesn't always trust other so easily. She's cute, friendly, competitive and gets mad easily. She can be annoying but you can't stay mad at her for long. If she falls out with you she will forgive but not forget. She doesn't realise but she's got a few boys after her. Grace will brighten up your day if your down and she will always make you laugh..!
Is that grace?
She is really cute!
by I._.Dont._.Know November 4, 2018