An jerk from the Midwest. Super creepy. Smokes 10 packs a day, and bathes only on Saturdays, the combination of the two make people gag. Doesn't know anything, even though he tries to sound smart. Gargles during meals with his water, and burps in your face. He isn't exactly worried about his grammar either. The perfect example of someone who belongs on a farm and not in the city. Good luck to anyone who encounters a Dave of this variety.
Dave walks by.

Person 1: what's that awful smell?

Person 2: Dave must've walked past us.

Dave: what are you darn folk talkin bout?
by Jackinthebox1114 November 07, 2012
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To go straight ahead. Used with Lewy and Dave; Left; Right; and Straight ahead. Named for David Ralph Lewis who in the mid 60's in Duluth Minnesota stole many cars for joyriding and to see how many times he could roll the cars. A pure manic who died of cancer at 27 years. Since then "Hang a Ralph", "Hang a Lewy" or "do a Dave" have entered the popular lexicon.
by biker451 July 09, 2009
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A vagina that has not been shaved for a week. Resembling a man named dave who has been fired from work and grows out his stubble.
I didn't fuck because I had a total dave.
by nooniepoop February 07, 2014
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To have a fantastic opportunity and then completely fuck it up like only Dave can
Oh man, Kira totally pulled a dave! He turned that opportunity for an epic success into an epic failure.
by itsnotatumor June 21, 2012
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