A place where the wall of pure fiction cracks in one's head and where the addiction of one's world still spreads. A place where people struggles and doesn't matter is there is hope as the madness of the system grows.
Just living in the database. Wow wow.
by Databasedatabase October 29, 2013
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The act of running scripts against a database, most commonly performed in either a SQL or Oracle environment. This includes, but is not limited to, statements pertaining to SELECT, INSERT, ADD, UPDATE and/or DELETE. In order for a procedure to be considered of true databasing nature, said procedures must be manually executed by the designated databasee. Scheduled stored procedures and automated jobs are not, under any circumstances, considered authentic databasing.
DB Admin: "Our records seemingly shifted overnight. None of the rows and columns match up in the audit."
Consultant: "I have sales on line 2. They were databasing without permission!"
by ATL11191981 April 3, 2011
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A euphemism for douche bag, perfect for the work setting. The origin of this meaning most certainly came from a computer science setting, where the term "database" is thrown around so much it was eventually used as a derogatory term.
Boss: "So, what do you think of our new general manager?"
Me: "That guy's a real database."
Boss: "Yes, I suppose he does store a lot of information. (chuckles)"
by Dave Berlin July 25, 2006
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The shittest website on the internet. Constant pedophile scandals, constant doxing of the members. The community is terrible at typology too.
by fauxxlore April 17, 2021
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Worst typology website ever. Half of the people that go on it are assholes. I’ve actually met more helpful people on Personality Cafe, and they were also a lot more informed. People on Personality Database don’t even have the slightest understanding of Typology whatsoever, even/especially Socionics. When I need help with Socionics I go to Personality Cafe instead because the people there are a lot more informed on the matter.

I have surprisingly not ever met anyone on Personality Database who understood socionics at all.

It’s filled with n00bs and trolls. Most miserable typology website I’ve ever been to. A lot of the members on this website like starting shit with you for no reason. See: troll. And a lot of them seem mentally ill. And the website will act like YOU are the one who is the problem, and is very passive-aggressive.

People on this website are such elitist assholes that they will tell you to delete your account and/or leave the website and go somewhere else. They are also shit-stirrers and will start arguments with you just for the sake of it. I would say don’t even bother with the shithead people of this website; I think that all they will do is feed off you.

Also, the Administrator is very incompetent and oblivious. He doesn’t seem to care about what goes on his website, as long as it has a lot of traffic. Talk about a very lousy community…
Personality Database is just a bunch of nerds and trolls. In my opinion, the website is very unprofessional…The Internet has never been so horrible.
by Osama Obamason, Jr. September 3, 2021
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The continuation of ruining online forums by a large, inept corporation. By constant and unending database errors rendering the site almost useless.

See Dale'd.
They tried to kill CFOT in the Dale fiasco and it came up short, so now they are trying to run people off with database errors.
by darwal8817 March 4, 2009
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A place where only n00bs go to talk about Typology and Psychology. The people there are very unintelligent and suck at typing people. They are are all a bunch of lonely pretentious pseudo-intellectual nerds behind a computer that have no lives of their own and don’t know anything, not even their own asses from a hole in the ground. The community is full of high-strung elitist tools that take the website too seriously and thrive on arguing with people and trying to bring others down in order to boost their own ego/social status. It’s a very political community.

The community also has an extreme irrational hatred/bias/inferiority complex against anyone belonging to the INTJ personality type. They virtually call anyone who is an INTJ there, a “pseudo intellectual” by default, just because they feel jealous of, and are intimidated by such people. They accuse anyone who doesn’t “fit-in” with their own delusional view and typings to be an apparent “INTJ self-inserter”. Pathetic, huh? If you are an INTJ or an ESTJ, you can expect to be harassed on this website by other members for virtually no reason; Because this community collectively hates INTJ’s and ESTJ’s; and is swayed inaccurate by the biased INFP and INTP majority. This is the quality of people on this website.

In the end, the people there just only show themselves to be the misinformed, ill-advised, desperate, lonely, insecure, insignificant, no life, delusional little dumb-dumbs that they truly are.
Over half the people on Personality Database are just a bunch of desperate lonely no lived pseudo-intellectual nerds in High school or college that get no hugs from their parents. They are not to be taken seriously.

At times though, it does make a decent unintentional comedy website, if you wanna laugh at the idiocy that those worthless INFP and INTP pseudo intellectual no life geeks like to spew on there.

The website is only useful for laughing at all those delusional little people behind a computer or smartphone and watching them argue with each other over nothing.
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