A guy who is super awesome, because i mean hello look at his name. Very inspirational, and always knows the right thing to say. Has a bank of cheesy jokes and if he is ever your teacher will bring dougnuts and milk every friday.
SICK BRAAH, we got a dashiell as our substitute!
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Is literally the hottest person ever like oml. I could only dream of being with Dash. They're soooooo hooottt. Their friends are hot but not as hot as them.
Dashiell please pee in my mouth.
Dashiell means to be very good and hot.
by Deku is a hero May 21, 2021
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Dashiel is a super cool person with a heart of gold. He’s a total badass inside and out, but once you get to know him he’s a total sweetheart. He only has a handful of friends but everybody knows him. He never backs down from a challenge and is always up for a video game.
Me:did you hear she’s dating Dashiel
My friend:That’s gonna last along time of its up to dashiel
by Anxiety_Freak March 15, 2020
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A quintessentially cool cat, one that is vehemently loyal to his friends, and even more so to his/her love interest (sometimes too much so that they forsake themselves). This cool cat is highly capable, is musically inclined, and tends to be a big dreamer. Though there are a rare few Dashiels in the world, they do represent the idealists, the artist, the bohemians, and on occasions, the leprechauns of society. Not at all a British geezer.
Yo, hit up Dashiel on his MySpace! And it's Dashiel, not Dash... Don't do your Dash on the way there!
by Starjammer February 13, 2010
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To fuck up, mess up, ruin or destroy things very easy
dam that guy dashielled himself so bad!!!!
by NOTGABRIEL May 23, 2011
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A Dashiel is a guy who has the personality of a girl. They're usually ugly and have no banter.
no one likes a Dashiel
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