A £2 coin.
"You got a nugget for a game of pool?"
"Nah mate I've only got a dartboard."
by Stevie Crow May 16, 2010
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A term to describe the science and action of getting excessively inebriated beyond the point of coherence.
Mykola did you talk to that girl last night?

nah mate i got totally dartboarded, I couldn't talk without laughing
by antoniodomino July 07, 2012
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When the so called intellectuals not elected by the people try to use the supreme court of law to impose their own agenda on the Government and when the supreme court doesn't agree, they use social media as a dartboard and malign the

individual reputation of the judge and the independence of judiciary. The Dartboard Democracy may therefore delay the deliverables by the Government.
India's top lawyer Harish Salve said that a lot of people who are not elected representatives feel that they can impose their will on the government through the courts.

He made the observation while asserting that one can criticise a judgment and even a judge, but attributing motives to them is wrong “’If a judge does not agree with me, he is dishonest’ - This tendency must be curtailed. We owe it to the system. We have let our systems down, Supreme Court is not a Dartboard.” Salve said.
So called intellectual: "The Judge is hand in glove with the Government and has failed to protect the Democracy."
An observer: " Sir, you may be right but before maligning the reputation of the honorable court of law, wait till the end result. Dartboard Democracy is detrimental to the very cause of democracy."
by Funny Indian May 30, 2020
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a tattoo on a woman's lower back, tramp stamp
Instead of knocking her up, Jimmy decided to pull out and fire it on her DNA Dartboard
by Mike_the_Plumber March 01, 2009
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When a person throws a dildo like a dart (or knife, depending on size) at a person who is bent over without pants in an attempt to lodge the dildo in that persons open anus
After the frat attempted the dallas dartboard, james’ asshole was bruised for a week and they all signed to a no homo agreement as per bro code
by Your favorite ginger December 19, 2017
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