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A very good, honest, smart and funny man. He will help you in any way that he can. He can turn something negative into a positive and make you feel better about whatever it is. He is extremely smart but very humble. A great friend, great smile and trustworthy.
If you meet a Harish on the street be sure to make him your friend. You will have a great friend for the rest of your life.
by Fruittybubblegum September 01, 2017
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Tall, smart and has brown or black hair. Is wrongly depicted, loves helping others and can fall in love quite easily. Will treat others right if they treat him equally
He's so nices he's a total harish!
by 123benjamin April 03, 2017
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1) One who is whale-like and will do anything to gain good grades but ultimately fails. May be synonymous with gpa whore.

2) One who attempts to grind with obese women and is unable to acquire a date.

3) One who believes he/she is omniscient and must be treated as a god.
"Did you hear about that guy who gave a blowjob to pass a class?"
"Oh yeah, that dude was a total harish."
by alpha-whale January 13, 2009
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(v) 1. The inability to consume drugs or alcohol at responsible rate, usually implying a ridiculous rate of consumption of illicit substances.

2. (v)the act of repeatedly calling out on a monday because of the weekend's activities, usually involving copious amounts of illicit drugs, alcohol, and ladies of ill repute.
1. Holy Shit he just Harished that whole gram in 5 minutes!

2. John partied so hard last weekend at the Stip Club he had to pull a Harish this morning.
by Codydd January 16, 2008
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Hari is an amazing, political young human being that could ruin someone's career in one debate. He loves boxing and floats like a Jeremy Corbyn, and stings like a Donald Trump. He's a total communist and believes in the complete equality of all people. When he speaks just one word the masses go wild and throw themselves at the stage in admiration and love. He spits speeches like Martin Luther King mixed with stormzy. He earns £££ on the stock market like a bear-bull hybrid. He's the king of youtube comment flamewars, mowing down racists and homophobes alike. His charisma is so gravitational the sun rotates around him. Peace out brothers.
"Ah man, that guy just turned Donald Trump into a communist!"
"He must be a Hari(sh)."
by thecharlievshow August 10, 2018
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An amazing man who is short, has black hair, and grinds his Nanowrimo.
Oh my gosh, that guy just Harish'ed his Nanowrmio
by feolife November 19, 2018
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