She doesn't like cheese
Human #1 : why isn't there any cheese on your pizza
Human #2 : I tear my cheese off like Darby
by Grizzle69 October 07, 2019
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A loud, talkative, and annoying girl that always seems to impose themselves in social situations without being wanted. Darbys are normally very socially aggressive which causes them to become outcasts. They are normally the least liked kid in their family and considered to be a disappointment. Darbys normally seem to be smart and work hard but are actually like a leech, constantly cheating off other people and doing very little themselves. They are arrogant and short, always ready to ruin your day.
Friend: Should we sit at this table?
Friend 2: Hell no, that’s a Darby, everyone hates her.
by Anatomicalnonomouys January 24, 2019
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A slang word for the painkiller Tilidine
Tilidine is an opiate that is often given in the form of pills or drops for severe pain.
In addition, tilidine is often misused as a drug due to its intoxicating effects

Often used in German rap
Just one of many german rap songs about Darby:

Capital Bra feat. Samra - Tilidin

,,Gib mir Tilidin, ja, ich kΓΆnnte was gebrauchen"
"Give me tilidine yes I could use something"
by W1nstn October 28, 2020
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A hypocrite who refuses to use the N word but will call his gay friends a faghot if they say something he doesn't agree with.
by Pussy penis November 24, 2018
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A real god like boi/chick, if boi, has massive dick gets all the pussy and i really good at sport/ intellectual games.
if girl than is cool and has every totino's hot pizza roll in Australia( best country ever), all the guys, even the gays.
for bois
girl 1: is that Darby
girl 2: fuck reekid, that prepubescent horny robloxian screecher

for girls
boi 1: :)
boi 2: MINE>
via giphy
by god of destruction Darby February 08, 2020
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