A show on PBS that tries to make science fun. The titular science guy is a big fan of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and pretty much all science barring social science. A show that you don't appreciate the value of until you get to watch it in school.
Without doubt, Bill Nye the Science Guy is the most fun part about science class. There's nothing like taking a break from writing down notes and just sitting back and watching Bill Nye. Even if you don't find it entertaining, hey, it's a movie.
by Syckls October 11, 2005
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Noun (professional vernacular);
Shortened form: Bill Nye

The grade attributed to college work that is especially poor, incomprehensible, or which otherwise provokes a negative response from the grader, i.e. "Jesus Horatio Christ on a jet-ski, this paper is fucking awful."

Symbolized by a frowny face drawn in feces (preferriby non-human, but results may vary according to circumstances) on the physical copy of the student's paper.

Etymology: a variation of the pornographic and scatological practice known as the Dirty Sanchez.
Great jumping skyscrapers of fetid whale excrement, this pile of regurgitated crap gets a Bill Nye the Science Guy!
by Anonymous Tall Guy February 05, 2011
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Seriously, if you've watched them both, you'll see that Bill Nye the Science Guy is just as silly, random, and repetitive as Youtube Poop...just with an educational twist.
by Lebrochaun November 09, 2009
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A comedic scientist that stars on Disney. He explains science to a younger audience of people. While at the same time informing he makes sure not to get boring by telling jokes.
by Marioandluigiclan March 23, 2015
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