Dara is a true beauty! She is a loyal friend and very humble. She does not want to burden you with her problems but will always be there for you! Once she knows she can trust you she'll talk like crazy. Dara has mood swings but she always bounces back to her sweet self. Dara is the type of person that looks at the bigger picture or outside the box, never giving up. Dara is self-conscious but is really a 'rare beauty' ;) and doesn't even know it. If you meet Dara never lose her because she is the best friend you'll even have!
Man I wish I was Dara she's so pretty!

Dara is awesome! I wish I were like her!
by oolono July 24, 2020
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Dara is an awesome girl. She is super sweet and so rad. She is very inteligent and fun to be around. She always makes people laugh and shes got a gorgeous smile. Dara is very pretty on the inside and outside. She has the biggest heart in the world and is always there for her friends. She has a lot of compassion and is nice to everybody she meets. Dara is an all around awesome gal!
guy #1- yo do you know dara?
guy #2- yeah man, shes mad awesome. i love her.
guy #1- same shes the best!
guy #2- yo back off shes mine!
by aoaooaoaaoaoaaooaoao December 17, 2011
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The coolest, most amazing, smartest, swaggiest, prettiest, and funniest girl ever. She has the best personality and is loved by everyone. She has so many friends and is hilarious but is also extremely smart.
"Wow look at that cool, smart girl!"
"Dude, thats Dara!!!!"
"Shes like a goddess!"
by llwgruhowrughwouh October 13, 2013
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A girl who is truly outstanding. Even though she tends to procrastinate, she always knows what she’s doing. Dara is really hot and has a lot of materialistic things, and sometimes it makes her friends jealous, but she tries to stay grounded. Dara is very social but at times can be a little introverted.

Even if your Dara May be hard to understand, she always is doing what’s best. She looks out for her friend but from time to time tried to cause a bit of drama. All the boys love Dara because she is almost like a model. The only bad thing is she can overreact so make sure you don’t do something that will make her mad.

Keep any Dara you meet, you’ll be happy you did.
Dara: *breathes*
Her friends: Omg Dara is so cool
Boys: Dara is sooo hot
by Heyheyhey82639 March 18, 2019
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a name of Korean origin meaning "child of the moon" or "moon child". Also, the name of a mountain berry that grows in Korea that resembles a miniature kiwi.
by Mamacita412 April 15, 2011
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the coolest person ever she is awesome and is the best and the hottest
Dara is cool and is a fun person to be with
by Josh Goldstein March 29, 2005
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Most pretty, amazing, dorky, klutzy, cool, smart, awesome, musically oriented, nerdy, talented but shy person ever!(:
Man. She's such a COOL dork! What a Dara!
by Dara.. August 24, 2011
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