He will definitely give you the time of your life. He's handsome, attractive and has an amazing personality. He's rough but gentle when it comes to ladies.

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Darshan is an alluring individual
by Rohan Gujarat August 16, 2017
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Darshan is a Hindi word that means to see and be seen by a deity. The being seen part bestows a blessing.
The master turned his gaze upon Ajay and in that moment he felt the intense compassion and connection that accompanies the Darshan.
by Salabena October 17, 2018
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A boy who is in love with JDM (Japanese domestic market). He likes to drift and also likes to do Touge races with anyone who challenges him. Darshan has also won all touge races which makes him very popular in Tokyo, Japan. Darshan likes many cars including:

Nissan Skyline GT-R: R32 and R34

Mazda RX-7 Spirit R

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV and VII

Honda Civic Type R FN2 Mugen

Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Subaru Forester STi

Toyota Supra

Darshan likes many other cars most coming from Europe and North America.
When not racing Darshan either works in his business or he will be in charge of the Midnight Club where he has a lot of talented racers.
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by Midnight Club Fan May 10, 2019
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