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A girl who is truly outstanding. Even though she tends to procrastinate, she always knows what she’s doing. Dara is really hot and has a lot of materialistic things, and sometimes it makes her friends jealous, but she tries to stay grounded. Dara is very social but at times can be a little introverted.

Even if your Dara May be hard to understand, she always is doing what’s best. She looks out for her friend but from time to time tried to cause a bit of drama. All the boys love Dara because she is almost like a model. The only bad thing is she can overreact so make sure you don’t do something that will make her mad.

Keep any Dara you meet, you’ll be happy you did.
Dara: *breathes*
Her friends: Omg Dara is so cool
Boys: Dara is sooo hot
by Heyheyhey82639 March 18, 2019

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