Because my pathetic meaningless life is so worthless, I must post something social media (DAP) to affirm my existence by more meaningless people I don't even associate with. I must do this on a daily basis because my life is meaningless on a daily basis.
by 1666 November 04, 2017
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Martha: Aye bitch I got a wap

Suzie: No sis u have a dap
by XoxoshockeroxoX August 25, 2020
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Look at the dap on him/her

When you see someone who is more muscular than you, whose upper body is effortlessly strong looking, better looking than you, better dressed, has a better haircut, a better tan & pretty much has everything going for him/her and has a couple of quid too. Someone who you dislike immediately for no reason...

Mostly used in the South Wales area

Bob: The at the dap on that big fucker over there
Tim: Yeah flash prick...
Bob: ....
Tim: ....
by BobbSmith July 03, 2018
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