This is a variation of the dap that can be used when you would like to give a physical dap, such as to congratulate your friend on something great they did or are doing, but you are communicating in a manner that makes a physical dap unfeasible, usually electronic, e.g. email, chat, or sms. (See dap.)
I can't believe you are staying on track with your salad for lunch plan. I am gonna grab a burger, e-dap.
by vitaminjeff February 09, 2012
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When going in for a hug, the girl's hand subtly touches the guy's dick, signifying interest.
Taylor: Dude, she totally gave me the d dap.

Cam: What are you talking about?

Taylor: Her hand just touched the d... she totally wants it.

Cam: Hahahahaha
Jake: Guys, you know she's lesbian, right?
by Jizzwaffle December 21, 2014
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When Jones ejaculates inside the vagina, and the recipient wipes the excess cum with her hand and gives Jones an open hand handshake "Cum Dap"
"OMG Jones, that sex was bomb! (wipes cum) ...give me a Cum Dap"
by CMJ6115 January 09, 2017
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Some sort of greeting or signing off, a signiture word the actor Flex Alexander uses on his TV show: One on One.
by Natalie R. L. March 17, 2007
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Disadvantaged person. A nerd/geek/loser/stu/socially disadvantaged person of the highest order.

For best effect, add excessive pronunciation of its consonants.
Jack: "Oh no! I just dropped all my pokemon cards on the floor!"

Jill: "Dap."
by Mr Scruff March 28, 2009
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Making a brief appearance at a party or social function for political purposes.

Involves giving "dap" (fist-pound greeting) to the host and other notables, then "dipping" (leaving) shortly thereafter. Sometimes used to describe an event that is not enjoyable and would not be worth attending were it not for the political motive.
Matt: Are we going to Jon's party?

Darryl: Yeah, but I don't want to stay long, so let's make it a dap and dip.
by Darrell Johnson May 01, 2007
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