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Danville is a small town in northern california, about a half hour from oakland/sf. Danville children are judgemental and think they're better than everyone else, and it's never true. If you aren't popular in Danville, your life will completely suck. Teenagers in Danville have fun by starting shit with eachother, taking pictures 24/7 and putting them on facebook, and pretending they're happy. No one in Danville is really slutty, they're basically all just virgins. No one at either San Ramon or Monte Vista has gotten pregnant, and everyone lies about who they sleep with. In general, the girls who attend San Ramon think they're prettier than they actually are. There are no hot guys at San Ramon. Everyone says they are open minded, but thats an obvious lie because secretly everyone hates eachother. Danville is home to probably the fakest people you will ever meet. To prove that they are cool to others, students will smoke marijuana and play beerpong, and take pictures of all of this to post on facebook. Kids in Danville are rich, exclusive and self-absorbed...except for Del Amigo kids, they're just trash.
Keith- I'm goin out with a DANVILLE babe!!!
Travis- You're SO not getting any.
by lolstop February 05, 2009
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