When ones limbs are far too big for ones body.
"Woah look how cute that guy is! Too bad he is dangly. "
by Whatevs4u September 5, 2015
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This refers to a Limp dick, When a person can not get it up during or before sex.

meanings- Softie, Limp dick, cant get it up

Guy #1- hey man did you get it in with her last night

Guy #2- Bro I was gonna but I got all dangly... it sucked

Guy #1- Oh damnnn, thats terrible.
by WeThePublicwords July 26, 2010
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(noun) Name for a set of testicles that are used to smack bitches in the face.
Becca was giving a presentation until her professer, Dr. Gangle, smacked her in the face with his danglies.
by Tony Bowls March 3, 2010
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A word (although rather unendearing) (plural) defining the male genitalia as a whole. This includes the Penis and Scrotum (Which contain the Testicles), more commonly known as Cock and Balls. The word is used because these extensions of the human body, "Hang" or "Dangle" outward and downward from their place of attachment.
(Female) - "Danglies!"
(Male) - "Don't call them that! *Shrinks*
by Saroset February 18, 2009
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(Noun) Basketball shorts, or any loose-fitting bottoms, in which you’re free to freeball dangle.
Damn Johnny, I can see your religion when you wear those danglies.
by JAB3 March 21, 2019
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The little bits of skin that hang from the roof of your mouth after burning it with a fresh-from-the-oven slice of pizza or a boiling hot spoonful of soup.
Zaid: Oh man, the cheese on that pizza just scalded the roof of my mouth. I'm gonna have some danglies in the morning for sure.
by BASHDADDY January 4, 2010
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