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Amnesia with Tourettes Syndrome added in. Swearing up a storm and not remembering why.
I don't know why I was swearing last night, must have been damnesia.
by Trent Kuver May 07, 2008
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when a good looking girl walks by you forget everything which is a severe case of damnesia
my buddy stopped mid sentence from a case of damnesia when the hottest girl in school walked by
by Tyler Call March 25, 2007
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When a person does something outrageous while inebriated, then dosen't remember it the next day.
You were so wasteds you almost got in a fight with a guy twice your size! You wouldn't stop hitting on his girlfriend! You got damnesia, because I was like DAMN when I saw that!!
by king_mike June 17, 2009
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A punk/metal/ambient/crust band from Athens, Ga. They have been together since 2005.
Damnesia is a band made by mixing ambience with hard, fast, insane changes topped off with dual male/female vocals.
by MISTRESS DISLEXI April 28, 2008
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When you swear so much you don't even realise you are.
Jenny: Motherfucking bitch! God, I wish that cunt was dead.
Mike: You swear a LOT.
Jenny: Really? I guess my damnesia is kicking in.
by Anna Nomis August 29, 2008
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