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an amazing trustworthy person who will ALWAYS be there for you no matter what, she's the go-to person for advice, when you need someone to pick up she's gonna be that person. she's such a great girl! she's beautiful, funny, smart, nice, outgoing. her best feature is her personality because shes bubbly and a has great sense of humor. she always sees her glass half-full and never half-empty. she will put a smile on your face without even trying! she see's life in a positive way. her smile hides all the pain she goes through, but shes a strong, independent, women! she knows what she wants and goes for it ! she never lets anyone stand in her way of being happy. shes those 1 in a million kind of girls that every guy would want, any guy would be lucky to have her because shes not like other girls! like the flower dahlia, she's sweet, unique, and gorgeous, she may deny it but she truly is something special.
Dalya is super chill!
She is so pretty who is she?
She looks like a dalya!
by Tim brooks September 25, 2018
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Of sweetness origin, noun.

1.) Beauty, charm, sexiness and lovliness - personified.
2.) Vagina
3.) Has the heart of a young boy by the name of
Of all the girls out there, Dalya is the only one I need.
by Who else? Martin! June 22, 2004
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