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Like a flower, she is a kind, responsible and thoughtful girl who has a great group of friends who are just as weird as her ;)

She is medium height, thin with brown hair and eyes but isn't always confident about herself and often stands in the shadow of her older sister who she thinks is better then her in everything! :(

Men sometimes boss her around and don't treat her correctly and she doesn't stand up to them
Who is that over there? (Friend 1)

That's Dalya my good friend (Friend 2)
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Lahra is usually really shy or extremely outgoing; there is no inbetween. 'Lahra' is an unusual spelling for an unusual girl! She is very good at sports. She is an incredible dancer and a hard-working smart student. A typical Lahra is very musical, loyal to her friends and family and has a kind soft heart.

When a Lahra walks into a room all eyes are staring at her because of her gorgeous hair, body and delicate features and many boys have crushes on her.

Lahra is a good all a rounder and is liked by all and she has a beautiful heart. She doesn't like taking shit and when things don't go her way she gets upset at times. Lahras like to talk a lot when they are with their friends but are shy and a bit awkward when they don't know you too well and you have to earn their trust.

Lahra is a great daughter, friend sister and girlfriend and their is never a dull moment when a Lahra is around.
OMG Lahra's hair is so beautiful! (Person 1)

I know I wish I looked like her! (Person 2)

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A Kayla can be quite a nasty piece of work when she doesn't like someone but cares deeply about her friends and is naturally quite popular. She is quirky, cheeky and very cute but can be a real menace once you get to know her sometimes.
OMG what is Kayla doing now! (Friends 1)

It's Kayla! (Friend 2)

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Aharon is a cute, nice guy who is loved by all girls and friends with all boys. He isn't that tall but very strong and amazing at sports typically boxing, soccer and he is a cheetah when he is running. He likes his way in most things but he is also sweet and very polite.
Who is that guy over there? (Person 1)

That's Aharon he's a very nice bloke! (Person 2)

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