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To Daltonize is to change something and make it your own. It refers to Dalton Rapattoni's ability to take a song and change the arrangement to make it his own. Dalton Rapattoni was the third place finisher of the final season of American Idol. Dalton was a member of the boy band IM5 and lead singer of the band Fly Away Hero.
To be Daltonized refers to the moment a fan discovers Dalton Rapattoni and becomes completely and hopelessly obsessed with him.
To be Daltonized is to suddenly care more about the happiness and wellness of Dalton Rapattoni than anyone else.
To be Daltonized means you don't just listen to a song instead Dalton has the unique ability to make you Feel the Music.
I love how you Daltonized that song and made it your own.

Help I have been Daltonized and can't function in the normal activities of daily living due to my overwhelming desire to communicate with Dalton and his fandom on facebook, twitter and instagram. The obsessive thinking about and listening to his music and watching all his u tube videos.

Since I have been Daltonized I have been moved to tears listening to those lyrics.

Since I have been Daltonized I am sleep deprived waiting for Dalton to come online late at night.
by FlyingBy July 06, 2016
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