A word that OSN uses when he sees someone cool
*Lebron dunks on someone *

by BZ4 🤐 July 23, 2019
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(n)Someone or something who/that is really cool to a level where a small curse word is needed. Deriving from "Bad Ass" "Kick Ass" etc. etc.

(n) Mindy
That guy is a cool ass.

That guy is a cool ass kid.

That wall of pop-tarts is cool ass.
by The Zeke May 4, 2006
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a lame person or a general insult; kind of like "headass"
"Jordan take your cool ass out of here with that ugly ass outfit!"

"That joke wasn't even funny. Cool ass dude."

"If you don't get your cool ass outta here with them ugly ass dance moves"
by AyeeeeeeWassuppppp October 20, 2016
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when a nigga act hollywood

dhat florida shit😎
that’s why nobody don’t even like you wit yo cool ass
by dhattampababy May 16, 2019
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Someone who seems cool when you first meet them, but it eventually becomes clear that they are actually a poser with only a little bit of game.
I've just lost an hour of my life that I'll never get back thanks to that cool ass lame.
by DLeeO March 13, 2006
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used to call someone lame stupid stuff like that
his extra cool ass wit that fake BAPE hoody
by *~JAHJAH~* January 22, 2007
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