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A viral video on youtube in a series called,"A bad lip reading" featuring Beyonce. They pretty much just re-record the sound to what it looks like the people are saying without sound.
Hey do you wanna come watch a bad lip reading of Beyonce? Its called, "La fway".
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013
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Generally used when people are bored and they are walking down a busy area making the spock sign with their hands.
I was just driving down the street when i saw this line of kids making nerd signs to the traffic!
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013
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One of the most amazing guys you will ever meet! He definitely has a sarcastic and stubborn side to him. He can tend to be the "class clown" and loves to flirt with girls that he crushes on. You can tell that he is crushing on you if he is trying to hang out with you a lot or trying to be mean in front of you. He is smart, athletic, confident and defentitely has a sense of humor. Dalton is a one of a kind guy that you will always want to be around.
Jayden: Who's that guy over there?
Olivia: Oh, thats Dalton! Isn't he cute?!
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013
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A well known youtube couple named Charles and Alli Trippy along with their dogs, Zoe and Marley. They can also be called CTFxC (charles trippy friend core).
I keep wanting to watch some more internet killed tv videos!
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013
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Most people expect these 10 to 12 year old girls to be prissy and annoying.... well at some times they can be (especially at 10) but they seem to be growing out of toys and getting more into boys! (oooh! that rhymed!)
person 1: Ah, yeah see that kid over there?
person 2: you mean that tween?!
by snapcraclepop January 27, 2013
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