Iconic villain from the British TV series Dr Who. Though their appearance is robotic, the Daleks are actually little green blobs mutated from members of the Kaled species by their chief scientist, Davros, and placed in robotic armoured travel machines.

The Daleks were bred to become the superior beings by exterminating all other life forms, so that none could rise to threaten them. The eponymous Dr Who is the only thing has stood between them and universal domination

In real life, the Daleks were created by scriptwriter Terry Nation (who also created Blakes 7), while the Dalek machine props for the TV show were devised by production designer Raymond Cusick
by The Lone Magpie April 8, 2005
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The term can be used to describe someone highly xenophobic and who often wishes death on people of another race, particularly if said person is in a position of power.

The word originates from the TV show Doctor Who, where the main villians are a xenophobic race of cyborgs called 'Daleks'
Donald Trump is like a Dalek when it comes to Mexicans.
by Prime Minister Wolfgang August 20, 2015
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From the TV show Dr. Who, a Dalek is a species created by the mad scientist Davros. They are a speices combined from the Dalls and The Callids. The organisms look like a ball of green mishapen putty. But Daleks are very rarely found outside of their protective suits, which allow them mobility and firepower. The most common form of Dalek weaponry is a form of beam weapon, which is so intense that it scrambles the insides of any organisms it is fired at. Daleks are not a very intellegent speicies it seems, but their strength is in numbers and firepower. Davros himself encased himself inside of an armoured suit, to become a Dalek. It was his idea of perfection.
Doctor! Look out for those Daleks!
by wandering_nomad April 11, 2004
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An evil race of aliens from the popular British television show Doctor Who. Despite appearances, they are not giant dildos and they can go up stairs.
Jimmy: Is that a giant dildo?
Ian: No...It's a Dalek.
Jimmy: Are you sure?
Ian: Yes...
Jimmy: Looks like a giant dildo to me...
by Dalek Sec November 1, 2007
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Machines that can't get up the stairs but get in the F**king way when the drive on the road and pavements. Also known as the elderly on those go carts.
Watch out for that Dalek that's driving at the side of the road.
by C1Jnt December 12, 2010
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A manouver used by expert Laser Tag players which covers up a large poportion of there targets on the vest.

1. Stand side on to your target.
2. lift you gun in the air.
3. shoot down at the shoulder targets of your apponent.

You will have covered one shoulder, back and front targets using this, and its legal.

You can jump up and down as well of move your gun eratically to make it even harder to get shot.

Good to use in game types:

Frantic, (infinate lives and shots 1 sec down time)
Alien, (as the marines, helps preserve lives)

Daleked out (shot by someone constantly darleking)

See also "Laser tag dance"
by cheetahfur January 30, 2007
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Is what a Dalek usually says
The Daleks
by Whovian112 September 4, 2013
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