Nick: Damn, Lester has lodged his lunch in the U-bend again
James: Sounds like another job for our trusty "Dalek's Eye"
by Streaker30 May 30, 2009
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To attempt to prevent the contents of your cuppa from leaking by putting two lids on it in a V-formation, resembling the head of a Dalek.
Why do they always have those little pinholes in the coffee cup lids? I always do the Dalek on my cup so it doesn't spill when I take it to work!
by pentozali April 24, 2007
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Mr Dalek syndrome is when teachers use a megaphone to order students into rooms, telling them to be quiet etc.

(all names are fake for obvious reasons)
Student 1: yo i think that Mr white has Mr Dalek Syndrome.
Student 2: what makes you say that?
Student 1: He just used a megaphone to order us into class.
by WhyAreWeStillHere? January 27, 2022
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