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To utterly wreck and destroy an ongoing conversation to a full stop.
Normally, the cause to wit being an out of contextual response, a banal reply, or a full throttle stalker vibe.

A term used frequently on social media to describe a person that induces uncomfortable and nauseating feelings towards those reading.
Person 1: "It's Friday! What do all of you have planned"

Person 2: "Dinner with family, then a few drinks with friends"

Person 3: "Same here, sounds like fun! Where?"

Kaled: "There's this girl, and I'm going to rearrange her cervix"
by Gweedojuice September 22, 2018
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A guy with no hairline and a guy who puts himself on top of everyone else.
Person 1: That kaled looks so sad
Person2: It's probably because he ain't got a hairline
by Superlitfamboy June 08, 2018
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