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Semi-popular ultracool name for Latvian men.

Means "man of song" in Latvian.

The second part of the name is pronounced like the "iss" in "miss," and the first part is pronounced like the "di" of "dinosaur."

There are Ebonics variations originating from Chicago's South Side like "Dynast," and "Dyonns."
I met a guy named Dainis last night.

Guys named Dainis are good to know.
by ViensNoPasaulesDainiem February 06, 2010
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a crazy bitch, she is very depressed and homicidal, she is a bad bitch and she knows that shes a bad bitch shes a sweet girl with a unique personality.and has a kink for turtles.
OMG it's a Daini
by BIGGGdick 69 November 13, 2018
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