Pulling a Jeffrey Dahmer,” is when someone cannibalizes or eats a another humans flesh. First made famous by Kesha’s song “Cannibal,” Jeffrey Dahmer was an American Serial killer who was known for killing his victims and then eating there flesh.
Yeah, I’ll pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.

I’m so hungry I could pull a Jeffrey Dahmer.
by Urmomkindasucksngl July 4, 2021
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A nickname given to the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. You know, the one that ate parts of his victims. The gay one, yeah!
Alrighty Kids, it's time for!
by WTMS369 December 6, 2020
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1: The act of saying the word faggot too much.

2: Sucking at Call of Duty

3: Not having any recollection that your cousin Jeffrey is alive or dead.
Darryl : How'd you like that, you Faggot?. Faggot , Faggot.
Guy #1 : Quit being a Darryl Dahmer
Darryl: You're a faggot
Guy # 2 : Just stop talking, man
by Siikwithasmile November 30, 2010
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to maneat
Dahmer that incel.
by suck_my_d33 June 29, 2021
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He is plain out amazing. He knows how to treat women and they are very respectful. Dahmere is very respectful to everyone but if you get on his nerves he will shut you down and doesn't have a mute button. People judge Dahmere but if you have a Dahmere in your life don't let him go. Dahmere is handsome and quiet unless he is around people he feels comfortable with. Again don't underestimate a Dahmere. He loves his mother and his girlfriend or wife. Dahmere is a great friend, point blank.
Dahmere is a great guy and loves everyone around him.
by Randy Radoncic January 28, 2021
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