The newest and awesomest way to describe an event or thing that was rather enjoyable or pleasurable.
"Dude, that party was solid cock!"
"Yeah, a real solid cock of a party, make no mistake!"
by crackotfige September 1, 2005
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1. A chant used by dweebs when something exciting or hardcore happens, usually something that gives you a metaphorical erection. Originates from Malphites "rock solid" line.

2. Can also be used to describe something being sick or cool.

2. Calling me gay wasn't very cock solid of you.
by FarquadFloof November 3, 2018
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used in place of rock solid. used when agreeing with an idea that is good at the time, but has isn't always a good idea.
guy 1:lets jump into the lake, since they cleaned all the polution out yesterday.

guy 2:that sounds cock solid
by jrizzod April 23, 2009
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Passing up a girl you could totally get with, so that your bruv can have a shot at sexing her up. Or in general any favor that you do for your friend to help get him laid.
Howard: Yo see that girl wearing a #YOLO baseball cap? She got a fine ass. Imma go put tha moves on her.
Winston: Ahh man I been eyeing her since we got here. Lemme go after that, bro do me a cock solid.
Howard: Aight, since you my boy.. but you owe me a cock solid.
Winston: ..Something don't sound right about this conversation... but anyway, thanks man!
by kreestopheles February 10, 2015
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