The person that you fall in love with and that makes you happy. He is first called a friend but when you get to know him, you would back it up for him any day.
OMG, I love him soooo much that I'll call him Daddy.👉👌
by #Im in love💖 January 17, 2018
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A word, usually followed by something possibly sexual.
the trick to a good "daddy" is to make it something that is subtely related to sex. too obvious, and you're in trouble, but too vague, and no one laughs. if you get it just right, you're on the line where people know what you're on about, but if asked why you were making references to sex, you can claim innocence, and then ask about the acusers dirty mind... *rolls eyes*
Daddy, that doesn’t taste like whipped cream
Daddy, what flavour is that lollipop?
Daddy, I’m not sure I like your lollipop
Daddy, that’s not custard.
Daddy, it’s all warm and sticky
Daddy, it hurts
Daddy, that’s not blood
Daddy, I’m bleeding
Daddy, it’s stretching me
Daddy, take it out
Daddy, you’ve gone soft
Daddy, how do I make my soldier stand down?
Daddy, how do I get my little fireman to dampen down?
Daddy, what’s that hair for?
Daddy, it won’t fit
Daddy, I’m not sure I like it
Daddy, I’ve only got one
Daddy, you’re in the hospital because when your little bird started spitting at me I snapped its neck, jumped on its eggs and burnt its nest.
Daddy, I’ve got a hair in my teeth
Daddy, is that real yoghurt?
Daddy, it smells of poo
Daddy, I can’t walk
Daddy, it tickles
Daddy, let’s show mummy
Daddy, I saw that on the internet
Daddy, I’ll be the altar boy!
Daddy, give me back my clothes!
Daddy, it’s chunky
Daddy, it tastes like salt
Daddy, that’s naughty
Daddy, will that show up on an X-ray?
Daddy, I think it’s stuck
Daddy, it’s massive!
by VisualShock January 13, 2007
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A name for real niggas who hittin' the pussy right
"Heeeey Daddy"
by johnnykid12 March 12, 2017
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A sexual thing u do when ur bf is fucking u as hard as he can
"Oh fuck me daddy until I cum"
by Blaketv March 19, 2017
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a person of great influence and power over another individual, a primary authority figure, who is both a disciplinarian and nurterer
by Boyo January 18, 2005
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