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the literal embodiment of beauty. body positive queen and advocate for mental health. currently dating the equally beautiful cole sprouse. an actual angel one could say.
Lili Reinhart is all I want for Christmas
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by abigsoftie November 22, 2018
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An American actress whom plays 'Betty Cooper' on the CWs Riverdale. Most fans of Riverdale and Lili call her 'daddy' because she is, indeed, arch daddy. She also does Halloween makeup and posts it on her Instagram in earlier pictures. She is also shipped with her fellow co star Cole Sprouse.
Friend: hey have you heard about the Riverdale cast daddy war?
Me: yeah Lili Reinhart is ultimate daddy though.
by Aaliyahxann July 08, 2017
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Lili is your dream bestie! She’s an amazing actress and is a legit goddess. If you meet lili respect her and love her because she deserves the world! When you meet lili your immediately obsessed with her. She is stunning and precious and had the cutest smile in the world.
Lili Reinhart is the loml!πŸ’ž
by Insta:@lilisprousx January 09, 2019
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You will never be as daddy as lili reinhart (Also who was shook at last weeks episode 3x07 (and Im mad I have to wait a month after next weeks episode) I was crying because of what they did to my poor Betty)
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by Bughead_forlife December 11, 2018
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actress who plays "Betty Cooper" on CW's "Riverdale". a strong independent woman who is very inspiring and cares about other people a lot. her boyfriend cole sprouse tho is racist and lili deserves better than him. okay bye
person 1: omg did u listen to lili reinhart's photoshop thoughts?

person 2: yes omg she's so inspiring
by rivergay November 21, 2018
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