Wow after a heccas last night, I'm experiencing serious DADS
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by captbrittiff February 08, 2017
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Maybe if he would come back I would have a longer definition.
Dad has been stuck in the line at Kroger for 7 years on Monday
by LivingTheBlackLife April 29, 2016
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A male who screams at you for grades, and not holding the flashlight right.
"Dad, can i go to my friends house?"
by Cdprice102- check me out on yt December 09, 2019
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Dad is a person that has sex with the mom without condum to have a baby to be adad
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by Princes bean July 22, 2017
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That one guy that you saw at the store 15 years after you were born.
I was at the store and was like oh, who’s that guy. Oh wait, that’s my dad. Finally after 15 fucking years I found you.
by Hunter Stegman February 21, 2019
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