The perfect combination of both enjoying food and beer while not caring about the basketball shaped growth in your stomach.
Bro what happened to you?”
“It’s the dad bod.”
by Dadbod123 February 10, 2018
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Person one: "Hey, man. David Harbour has a rocking bod."

Person two: "He has that dad bod."

Person one: "I want to shove that bod up my ass."

Person 2: "...what?!"
by DadBodExpert December 12, 2017
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A gaggle of elder cis-het white men who are sub brats to a queer presenting liberal white woman and delight in public humiliation (specifically trivia)
Look at those dad bods, relishing in being called cunts
by Hefe the Great January 12, 2023
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When a young bro-ey dude packs on epic amounts of fat in his midsection but has toned arms, legs, and chest, leading to a corpulent round belly that protrudes out into the shape of a basketball, wobbling tightly against his tank top.
Brad: Ever since Ryan got that job at Fat Burger's he's fattened up! Must have put on 150 lbs in a year. He's really let himself go.
Mike: Yeah, that rounded belly is getting massive! I can tell he's been eating well, all that compact fat sticking out of his hoodies as he waddles.
Brad: Looks like he's got a dad bod!
by efterbrylluppet March 20, 2016
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Someone who thinks they’re huge but under their clothes they’re just fat.
Peyton Manning looks like he’s got a dad bod
by Whoisasking February 5, 2019
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What mom treats herself to after being with dad bod. Step dad bod was once very athletic and fit in his youth but he didn't quite let time and beer ruin his body completely. He probably still works out or has an intense manual labor job such as plumbing, construction, carpentry, logging, landscaping and more
"After divorcing Timmy's dad, I found another man, he doesn't have a dad bod, he has a step dad bod"
by spoonman89 September 28, 2017
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1)The "Lesbian Dad-bod" is a Female body type that is not quite as pronounced as the typical Dad-bod as they let themselves get a bit overweight, it has more to do with the appearance of a strong parental figure with a tank-top, jeans, boots, and the all important BELT that will threaten your butt if you don't do as she demands.
ex) Shaela - "Woah, Becky has got that Lesbian Dad-bod , she has that spank me, peg me, and order me to clean my bedroom vibe that satisfies both my mommy and daddy issues and needs in a forever relationship."
by TransMomma August 13, 2021
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