A term coined and promoted by a overweight, lazy, marketing man, to release himself from the responsibility of admitting, to both the world and himself that he has let himself go.
he to have a six pack, but now he has a "dad bod".
by Tideswellman November 09, 2015
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Person one: "Hey, man. David Harbour has a rocking bod."

Person two: "He has that dad bod."

Person one: "I want to shove that bod up my ass."

Person 2: "...what?!"
by DadBodExpert December 12, 2017
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The perfect combination of both enjoying food and beer while not caring about the basketball shaped growth in your stomach.
β€œBro what happened to you?”
β€œIt’s the dad bod.”
by Dadbod123 February 10, 2018
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When a young bro-ey dude packs on epic amounts of fat in his midsection but has toned arms, legs, and chest, leading to a corpulent round belly that protrudes out into the shape of a basketball, wobbling tightly against his tank top.
Brad: Ever since Ryan got that job at Fat Burger's he's fattened up! Must have put on 150 lbs in a year. He's really let himself go.
Mike: Yeah, that rounded belly is getting massive! I can tell he's been eating well, all that compact fat sticking out of his hoodies as he waddles.
Brad: Looks like he's got a dad bod!
by efterbrylluppet March 19, 2016
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