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Dabb is a popular dance where you bend your arm •90degrees and bend your head into the bent arm
Hit the dabb
by D-abb March 18, 2016
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A dance move where one arm is in fornt of your face and the other hand is in the air upwards on the same side / like so. What are all of these other fucking definitions
first im gonna whip, then dabb with it

woah bro did you just see her hit that dabb?
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by dabbitupbruh September 05, 2016
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When you smoke/ take a hit of a strong high quality Marijuana and it makes you chock/cough heavy you dabb. Meaning you are in a position where one arm is the air and the other bent in with your face coughing in your elbow. This generation made a dance move about it. Dabb.
Bob smoked with me and dabb. I laughed.

Jenifer dabb to the music.
by Oohoohooh March 16, 2016
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A dance move to which you put your arm to your nose like a sneezing motion
I just be dabbin on these folks
by Street Smarts12345 August 03, 2016
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a dance move that people use for a pose
Her dabb was awesome1
by madeyewlook February 11, 2017
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A physiological dance action where one must lower their head to a 41 degree angle into their lower elbow. They would either flap their hands up while doing this dab, or point their hands toward the heavens.

One hand dabbs, however, is the lazy way of showing off to your friends that you can dabb.
Patient: Doctor, I can't stop dabbing!
Doctor: Serves you right.
by vsafdfulgclGCWE February 16, 2017
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