Something fuckin baws, usually amazing weed or pepspice or anything u can smoke., or something just kool.
Oree: damn bro wat do we do now?
Shlomo: Cop Da Funk
Oree: awwwwwwhh yeeeaaaaa
by OreeShlomo January 13, 2011
Song by Daft Punk from the Homework album that has you bobbing your head for the entire song.
Did you see the video for Da Funk? That was RAD!
by Teven Styler April 16, 2005
n. Used to describe better-than-usual weed. Usually cripto, but can be used to describe very potent regs.
"Yo man, you got any of da funk?"

"I'm sick of this shit weed, I need some of da funk."
by Nobody Fresh January 16, 2005
i got pounds of funk and i sell it by the tons...
i live for da funk i die for da funk
by Jonathon Mulcahey September 25, 2009
U gots da funk?
by Xyrus November 9, 2003
funky smell from vaginal disorder or disease.

also see: rotten twatt
Kathy hasn't taken a shower in a week... That bitch is got da funk!
by Brandon March 21, 2005
we want it and cant live with out it
by kkkillllttttthefffetus March 27, 2005