Being freaking amazing and awesome and the realest person in the world
damn that kid right there is so freaking chill
how am i not gonna sleep with him?

hes is definetly an oree
by daspliffking December 4, 2012
a lazy ugly pig that's always lonely.
she is an oree
by Ah3llo June 3, 2020
Bad at life or hunting, usually running is not thier cup of tea, and luck is usually not with them when after someting really wanted.
I was trying to do good in school but I must be an Oree
by dreparker March 6, 2012
She is literally the most amazing person in the world. At first, she seems like a cute shy girl, but once you get to meet her she will be the craziest person you'll ever know. She is the best and the most unique girl on Earth. I would say the one that brings light to your life, she always has jokes and memes to cheer you up. Always there for others and very kind, you'll have a strong bond with this person. She is creative and passionate, (mostly about Kpop), and she never gives up on the things she loves.
I wish I had Oree Anne's skills at making others happy around myself and her beautiful smile.
by smileyda November 17, 2019