An acronym which stands for "Dorothy Zbornak Stare," the deadpan look made famous by Bea Arthur on the TV show The Golden Girls. This look is given to anyone who's just said or done something dumb, ridiculous or egotistical. Popularized by the comedy team Dick and Duane.
Duane: I want to try aphyxiation.
Dick: You mean "asphyxiation."
Duane: No, ass has nothing to do with it.
(Dick gives him a DZS.)
by dicknduane May 6, 2010
"We're now approaching the DZ, hold....go!"
by Diego July 29, 2003
man this guy will tell you hes dumb but hes really smart
"bro that guy thinks he's really dumb. hes definitely a dz."
by dяumstick March 12, 2021
Dz- the act of making plans and then bailing out at the last minute on your friends with little and/or no good reason for doing so.
We were all going to go to the bar last night but whats his face Dz'd because he wanted to catch a 3-peat of full house.
by napoleon bonapart December 22, 2004
noun or adjective

1) (noun) An individual who is always bitching about everything.
2) (noun) An aura surrounding people with extreme negativity.
3) (adjective) describing a little, bitchy, bitch boy
"quit being such a DZ and try to have fun once in a while, ight?".
"I'm starting to believe that every single Karen in the world is a DZ as well".
The DZ around him is so strong it is making the baby cry.
by Severus Zeng October 13, 2020
A badman who carries a butterknife when going to shank someone and hangs with btec bald roadmen that get whipped with belts
What bruv ima get dz on you yeaaaah
by TaxiTrapper June 30, 2019
The very last drag of a cigarette. The dz or deathzone.
"Man will you toss me the dz off that smoke mang"
by Josh Agar November 27, 2005