Means Down to Fuck if someone says this take your chances and Fuck them hard :)
"I am DTF right now if you wanna"
by FuckFuckFuckThemHard September 24, 2021
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Are you dtf? Are you familiar with the downtown area?
by LonnieTucker May 19, 2022
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Acronym for the phrase "down-to-follow". Follow is a back-of-house callout to get someone to help run (a) plate(s) of food with you. Of course, working in a corporate restaurant it is important to keep those ticket times as low as possible. It is equally important to bring out a party's appetizers, entrees, or dessert at the same time.

Not to be confused with the phrase "down-to-fuck".
*In the back of the restaurant*
Person Organizing Plates: "These go to table 4"
Person 1: *realizes they can't carry it all* "Is anyone DTF?!?"
Person 2: "I'm always DTF!" *picks up one plate*
by FlyingRedCarpet October 13, 2023
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Down to frolic
Kristy: Hey Kevin are you DTF?
Keving: No.
by Kass-0o August 1, 2009
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What's up hot runescape girl that's probably a 40 year old man in real life, you DTF?

Random person I've never met, you DTF?

That's a nice big log you got there, DTF?
by CrazyRunescapeNerd December 30, 2011
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DTF is an internet Acroynm for: Down To Fuck?, which is really only casuall sex,"fucking" as sex.
Person1: You DTF?
by AQUALIME April 11, 2021
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A Acronym that stands for Down To Fuck. DTF was first heard on the reality show "Jersey Shore". It refers to nasty slutty whore's who are willing to go home with some random guy they just met (In most cases the girl is drunk but not always) and fuck. Afterward the girl will usually leave on her own but in most cases the guy will kick her out once he has been satisfied.
Guy #1: Hey that chick I was dancing with seems like she's DTF so I'll catch up with you later
Guy#2: Ok bro, get it in. Hit me up after you kick her out.
by REBS11 April 29, 2011
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