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A word of no definite meaning, formed by combining two words of no definite meaning, ponia and bugga, that create an inexplicable definition black hole. "Pogga" can therefore be used in an infinite number of ways in the English language, whose meaning can only be determined given implication.

When not used as a noun or verb, the "a" is dropped from the end of the word, and the suffix "chau" is added when referring to a proper noun.
What the pogga are you doing?!

Dude, you'd better not pogga in my back seat.

What's this pogga's problem?

You're such a pogga, man. Seriously.

Did you just pogga my sister?!

That movie was total pogga.

That's pogging sick!

He runs poggish.

I want to throw a quarter off the Empire pogga chau.

Poggish poggas make me want to pogga the pogging pogga.
by Mobius Evalon June 07, 2006
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