Are you. Part of the movement to reduce unnecessary letters in words mostly brought about by texting. Can be use in either upper or lower case.
RU serious?
ru losing your mind?
by Tesaco October 30, 2011
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To hit a male penis against a willing participant in the temple
Tonight I am going to experience ruing for the first time
by RuKing March 21, 2019
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Holly:Yeah you know that Kris Died.
by ScreamSceneKing January 31, 2009
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Guy A: Yo dog this party is sick...!!!!
Guy B: Nah, this shit is RU!!!!
by shitisrudog October 17, 2009
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a person who is very gay and likes gay music.
why is he always listening to the firefly song in the bathroom?
-thats Ru Ru.
by ruru ringin February 11, 2010
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A versatile word that can be used in several situatons to mean several different things.
1. use it as you would any other cuss word i.e. Oh, ru! I forgot to bring that.
2. Use it to describe something totally awesome. i.e. that was so ru!
3. Russian
4. Raza Unida (Gang)
by VAKI5 November 1, 2003
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RU is short for Rutgers University, the state university of the great state of New Jersey.
yo, RU rox at college football. and has STDs.
by Voracious V November 6, 2006
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