something chicks with blond hair yell at the top of their lungs during social events after a single drink

Guy: dear diary... jackpot
by Holden_Makok January 5, 2010
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really damn drunk , gona pass out and fall over
hes drunk as fukkkk- dammmm he drunk
by pufud February 27, 2005
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Matt: "Yo dude, put those breadsticks down."
Zack: "Fuck dude, I'm drunk as fuck dude..."
by big billy catfish April 9, 2019
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Originating from a Dead Kennedy's song. This occurs when someone drinking alcohol has had too much and is unable to sexually perform. See also TDTF.
"Dude we're almost on the second carton!"

"Yeah I'm Too Drunk To Fuck!"
by mecha-streisand December 1, 2008
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1. When a couple of guys, preferably: short, conservative, hicks who live too far from the nearest technical college to get an education and drive F-150s to deny having a penis any smaller than they do already, get together for some good old fashion binge drinking and get too drunk to remember they touched weiners last night.

2. When Republicans mistakenly misstep their moral boundaries and do something gay.
Hick 1: "That party last night was crazy!"

Hick 2: "Too bad we didnt get any pussy."

Hick 3: "Why does my mouth taste like dick?"

Some chick: "Drunk Truck Fuck!"
by loovemuscle March 27, 2009
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when you messed up a very important task because you were too drunk.
I drunk the fuck up, she was unsatisfied.
by del swennard April 3, 2009
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Inebriated enough to, wholeheartedly, believe in the fabrications created by one's own mind; regardless of the baselessness of the belief. 😐
Bobby: ¡Arrivederci amico mio!
Daniel: ¡Autentico, mi amor!
Bobby: But.... you're drunk the fuck up😑😑😑

Daniel: *ahhbpltt* 🤪
by SlasherDreams March 23, 2020
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