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A convertable. Comes from the top of your car dropping and folding down in your trunk.
Check out this DROP TOP cedes I bought, dog!
by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
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"damn, sillyassjoe riding dat silly ass bike around like he got a 64Droptop"
by jak February 13, 2003
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A very unintelligent loser who exhibits all signs of being a pathological liar which is usually the result of a mental disorder or very low self-esteem.
This person also is very uncoordinated. He claims to be a motorcycle stunt rider but really just does high speed skitching and pathetic power wheelies.
Quite often Droptop will claim to be a "baller" while living at home with his mom.
He can sometimes be found in hot tubs giving other males backrubs.
Occasionally he will be challenged in public - like when someone spits in his face, he will call security, police, or run away.
He also likes to trick models into thinking he has a legitimate business venture for them - then blackmail and slander them.
Droptop claimed to have rolled 600 foot stoppies along with saying he won the xsba.
by Stunter December 12, 2006
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word said the rap group "Migos". This word has been said more than 50 times by Migos
"Raindrop, Drop top,

Smokin' on cookie in a hotbox"
"Bad and Boujee", Migos
by Issa21sav February 23, 2018
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Whe someone is balding, but just on the top of their head, and often have a thick head of hair otherwise
Frasier from Cheers has a droptop, and so dies Niles in Frasier, slightly
by Brittlala May 28, 2012
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