Probably the most beautiful girl in the world. Cedes is really smart, and funny, everyone loves her. She's is talented and amazing. She's is super kind, but if you lie, steal, or cheat she will cold to you for a while. She will grab your attention right away. she is very sassy, but still classy. Sometimes she is shy and quiet, other times she's a different person. You would be glad to meet her.
Cedes is a nickname used for Mercedes. "She is far from a cedes"
by queen_urban May 29, 2015
1. (n) The name of the biggest scammer in a small online video game community. This kid is such a big scammer that his name became synymous with the act. May be shortened to simply cd
2. (v) To conduct a scam on another person in order to rob or defraud them of real or electronic valuables.

cedee, cedeed, cedeeing, cd,cded,cding
Aisling1: Dude, I bought a register code and it was fake, and the guy who sold it to me logged off!
Aisling2: Bro, you got cedeed.
by Davnoctu June 10, 2011
Short word to describe the Mercedes line of German luxury cars.
by Joshiro007 February 16, 2003
to formally surrender to another
the territory will cede
by empi99 September 15, 2008
give up authority (power or territory) to a government, group or person
When Matt became terminally ill, he had no choice but to cede control of his company to his daughter.
by blingblingicedout September 26, 2017
Is a verb that means "to give up something - especially power or territory," but is also one of those words in your keyboard that makes your finger dance in one column. Try it yourself.
Ugh. I hate it whenever I have to type 'ceded' every time I have to write a report on wars involving the French.
by yhunYo August 3, 2018
An automobile manufactured by Kia that has round headlights and a front grill that looks strangely similar to a Mercedes, but you know it's not. One of the coolest cars you can buy on a budget, cat.
Koontz: Hey Tom, did you see that sweet ride he just rolled up in?

Tom: I did, but that's just a Ki-Cedes. Still sweet, but not that sweet, cat.
by jimmythecat August 22, 2011